Murcheson Falls from the air

On the way out of our Safari, I asked to fly the ‘little plane’ which was a 4-seat, twin prop plane. It was a wild ride for me since I don’t do really well on airplanes anyway. The pilots took us around the falls in two tightening circles, the final part almost completely vertical.

Uganda Safari

This is part one of the Murcheson Falls adventure.

In this video you’ll see the second set of falls, or left set, or whatever it was called. Sorry, I can’t remember. Our lovely river guide dropped us off at the side of the Nile river on a tiny path and instructed is to ‘start walking’. I guess it was supposed to be a short hike. Oh, and our guide who was supposed to meet us on the path and protect us from the nasties, fell asleep and didn’t meet us. So I am sure that we looked like some nice, white, tasty treats tromping through the Ugandan country-side.

Incidentally, it wasn’t much further up the river from where we saw the ‘big croc’, monkeys, hippos and other dangerous creatures. All-in-all, it was a rewarding and tiring walk.

Ethiopia Day 2

Here is a new video from Ethiopia. We drove about two hours to get to this small village 150km Southeast of Addis Ababa. After we were greeted by the project choir, our little group went into the church and were welcomed by the pastor. Our translator and Compassion employee Dimici did a great job. Compassion is doing a great job partnering with the local church to provide child sponsorships.

Good song: Sello Tape

This pretty much sums it up:


Lives are like retractable pencils
If you push them too hard they’re gonna break
And people are like paper dolls
Paper dolls and people, they’re a similar shape
Hmm hmm hm

Love is like a roll of tape
It’s real good for making two things one
But just like that roll of tape
Love sometimes breaks off before you were done

Another way that love is similar to tape
That I’ve noticed
Is sometimes it’s hard to see the end
You search on the roll
(search on the roll)
Search on the roll
(searching round the roll)
Search on the roll

With your fingernail
Again and again
And again and again
And again.

Brown paper, white paper
Stick it together with the tape
The tape of love
The sticky stuff

Brown paper, white paper
Stick it together with tape
The tape of love
The sticky stuff.
People people

Brown paper, white paper
Paper paper Stick it together with tape
Paper paper The tape of love
People people
People people
Pencil pencil
Pencil pencil
Paper paper

Put the pencil to the paper
Give the paper to the people
Let the people read about the sello tape
Oh baby baby

You know, Jemaine, I’ve been thinking about love. And I guess it’s the very strongest adhesive.

Oh sorry, Bret. Were you talking to me? I was humming. What did you say?

Oh, just…nothing.

Brown paper, white paper
Stick it together with tape
The tape of love
The sticky stuff

Ooh brown
Brown paper, white paper
Stick it together with tape
The tape of love
Say it
Stick stick
Stick it together

Uganda Day 1

Day 1 of our trip to Uganda, we visited a Compassion International Child Survival Program project in a very remote village. We left Kampala and drove for 2+ hours to get there.

Part of the visit included a series of songs and traditional dances from the women of the CSP. This song stuck with us more than “It’s a Small World”.

Landing in Uganda

At the tail-end of our trip to Uganda, we were blessed to be able to go to the NW part of the country for a little trip up the Nile river and a safari into the grasslands. This short video gives a airplane-level view of the country we were in as well as the quality landing by the experienced pilots.