Fixing MobileMe iCal Sync Issues

WARNING: I am not a geek or licensed repair person. Use the information below at your own risk. If you screw something up or this causes all of your sensitive banking information to get leaked to pirates in Somalia, don’t blame me.

Brian Crow is confused.The truth is, that I am a complete Mac junkie and I would call myself, as Guy Kawasaki would call it, an Evangelist. I believe it is the best computer made. I have gotten to the point where I don’t even want to hear about Windoze problems from my family. I love Mac because when you turn it on, it works. No virus scanners. No spyware scanners. No license code issues. No missing dll’s. It just works.

However, for quite some time, like many other users of more than one mac, I have been plagued with  the problem which MobileMe has when synching more than one computer. Here’s my configuration:

  • MacPro Desktop
  • Macbook Pro 17″
  • iPhone

Because of my travel and coffee-shop requirements, I spend about 1/3 of my time working on each of my Apple products and need to have them all synched up. Things worked great until about 6 months ago, when my desktop stopped synching with MobileMe. I tried all of the recommended tricks; deleting and resetting my synch profiles, blah, blah, blah. Nothing worked.

However, today, I discovered something. In my /user/library folder, there is another folder called Calendars. On a whim, I renamed this folder and re-synched my desktop to MobileMe. To my shock, and delight, it worked! All of my calendar data synchs again!

A word of caution, this causes all of the calendar data which was stored locally to be deleted, but that was OK with me, since I use my MobileMe calendar as my master.


If this helped you solve your calendar problem, shoot me an email and let me know. I promise I won’t try to extort any money from you. However, if your computer has been irreparably damaged due to this post, please read the first paragraph and then keep your thoughts to yourself. Thanks.

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