My Grandfather’s Story

“Where is our little Orville?” That was the anxious question Ben Fuiten asked of his wife Hattie as he came into the farm house after doing chores. Orville was their first born child and was their pride and joy – a charming lad of just 4 ½ years old. On that 19th day of March, 1915 Hattie had bundled little Orville up with his warm winter clothes, boots, and his hand-knitted mittens that Great Grandmother Carolina Albert had given him for Christmas he was ready to go out in the snow.

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Funny Justin Timberlake Medley

This is perhaps the most creative video I have seen. Playing everything from an iphone to a ukulele, pay careful attention to how each object is used.

Thanks to my buddy Fred for sending me a link to this video. I get distracted by shiny objects and this video kept me rapt for the entire 5 minutes.