Review of Newsboys album GO

This is a classic Newsboys album, which reminds me more of their earlier work with driving beats and catchy lyrics. Paul Coleman joined the band early this year and is found playing cool licks and adding his unique vocal talent to this album. I honestly don’t look forward to Newsboys album releases. I see them as a band that does one thing really well: Live shows. Go sounds as though the majority of the songs were written with live performance in mind.

Catchy pop songs like Something Beautiful, Let It All Come Out, I Am Free, and Secret Kingdom should all make top-10 hits. Secret Kingdom even features a whistling solo. Every great song needs whistling, just ask my friend Phredd. He’ll tell you.

I am not really a pop-guy. But there was one song on this release that I really liked. Your Love is Better Than Life is an ‘Aussie Rap’  which reminded me a lot of Timbuk3 or Fat Boy Slim. It stands out as a diamond among the rest of the gems (sorry for the cheesy simile).

The only track I didn’t care for was the final one, Gonna Be Alright. I am not a fan of the sampled background vocal singing Oh How He Love You and Me. It reminds me too much of early Christian music when mediocrity reigned supreme.

If you’re looking for something revolutionary from the Newsboys, keep looking. It definitely shows how polished they have become as a band and it is the solid, happy, worshipful style that has become synonymous with the Newsboys.

Go Playlist:

1. Wherever We Go
2. Go
3. Something Beautiful
4. The Mission
5. Let it All Come Out
6. In Wonder
7. Your Love Is Better Than Life
8. I Am Free
9. Secret Kingdom
10. The Letter (One of a Kind)
11. Gonna Be Alright