Very cool pyrotechnics show.

Since I was old enough to disassemble my dad’s .22 bullets to harvest the gunpowder, I have loved pyrotechnics. Some day I would enjoy working for a pyro company (or at least volunteering).

From San Pedro Zumpango, David Silva of Pyro ® Producciones Piromusicales designed and fired this 19 minute show with FIREONE ® equipment. The pyromusical show consisted of a great Castillo with double tower 30m high with set pieces, 3”, 4”, 6” an 8” shells made by the Ramos Family, and bonbettes, candles, mines and comets made by APM Fireworks of Joel Hernandez.

This show was an excellent choreographed display to music with a fantastic set piece with a giant spinning wheel. A horizontal butterfly set piece that takes off!!