Modifying the AppleTV

I absolutely adore my AppleTV. About 2 years ago I bought the 140gb version and have never looked back. I love how it seamlessly lets me watch HD TV and movies. What I hate, though, is that everything costs at least $.99. This irritates me because so much of the TV shows available online now through Hulu or CBS are totally free, unless you’re watching them on the AppleTV. Then cha-ching, you pay for them.

So, I went in search of a way to get those great shows on my ATV. I found this nifty little site which talks about how to add the ability to watch Hulu and other networks through the silver box.

It works really easily, although the video is a little pixellated and choppy at times.

Now, as soon as somebody figures out how to turn the AppleTV into a DVR, I’ll never have to leave my couch!!