Category: Haiti

  • Restore Haiti Information Video

    Here’s a video that I filmed and edited for a group in Nashville called Restore Haiti. They’re doing God’s work in a little community outside of Jacmel called Mon Orge.

  • Clean Water for the Soul

    My friends, Darren Tyler and David Whetstone talk about what clean water means for the Restore Haiti children in Jacmel. More information may be found at

  • Haiti Video: The Needs of One Family

    Pastor LaFleur describes what has been done for a needy family of 8 as the rainy season approaches. Also, he talks about the hope to build a small home for the same family.

  • Song: Haiti I Still Love You

    An artist from Antigua named J.M. produced this song as a response to the earthquake. This text will be replaced Download the MP3

  • Jacmel, Haiti: Clean Water for the Soul

    Here is one of many videos to come from the trip to Jacmel. My friends Darren Tyler and David Whetstone talk about the impact of clean water to Haiti and also coming to Togo, West Africa. [youtube HCRwqs3nWxc]

  • Haiti: On The Outside Looking In

    Today I woke up, walked into my office and started working through my pile of email. By 8:30, there was a rumbly in my tumbly, to borrow from Mr. Pooh. But, since I was busy working it was pretty easy to ignore. In short order, though, I started to feel a little dizzy and the…

  • Haiti: My new friend Wendell

    Our first full day of filming was great. I was able to spend more time with some kids, playing, talking and trying to encourage them. My biggest regret on previous trips has been that I have spent too much hiding behind the camera lens and not nearly enough loving on children. Wendell, 13, is incredibly…