Ethiopia Day 2

Here is a new video from Ethiopia. We drove about two hours to get to this small village 150km Southeast of Addis Ababa. After we were greeted by the project choir, our little group went into the church and were welcomed by the pastor. Our translator and Compassion employee Dimici did a great job. Compassion is doing a great job partnering with the local church to provide child sponsorships.

A Quick Trip Through Addis Ababa

On our way back from Obe Kale Haywet center in the city of Obe, I turned on the camera as soon as we entered the outskirts of Addis Ababa. Our bus driver kept one hand on the wheel and the other on the horn. We were all tired of the honking and the somewhat erratic driving (although, it doesn’t seem to have been out of order for the region) by the time we got back to the hotel.

Mark Warfel takes a mud bath

From the footage taken in Ethiopia, September 2007:

After I had to jump over a muddy area on our path, I had a feeling that somebody was going to eat it, so I turned on my camera and waited for the magic to take place. Low and behold, Mr. Mark Warfel, M.C. at Creation Festivals, missed his take-off and splashed the very silty mud all over himself. Like the great guy he is, he took it in stride and we were able to laugh about it.