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  • Have you met my friend Judith?

    Today we traversed a crowded dirt street maze. Tuesday morning, September 9 in a suburb of Kampala, Uganda. The local Compassion project coordinator directed us into a dead-end “street” under the eyes of what felt like hundreds of onlookers. I guess they don’t get very many Mzungu (white man) in that area. I am sure…

  • 26 Hours of Compassion on WJTL (Listen)

    Today, as part of the 26 hours of Compassion on WJTL, I did a call-in. Normally, I don’t like to do these things. As a matter of fact, I just about puked while thinking about it. But it’s for the kids and I love the kids! So, here you can listen to the whole thing:…

  • Pig Snot Video

    These are cute little pigs as part of the piggery unit at the Compassion project we were visiting. Have you ever had a pig blow snot on you? It’s really gross.

  • Attack of the Water Buffalo

    It is well known that Water Buffalo are mean and they will attack humans. So, when we stopped and harassed this poor guy, I thought for sure that he was going to come right through the thin metal walls of our Toyota van. Also, if you make a noise like a whip, it get’s their…

  • Old Giraffe

    This is video of an older giraffe we saw on our safari. Our guide informed us that the older they get, the darker their fur becomes. This one was nearly black and was estimated to be 20+ years old.

  • Murcheson Falls from the air

    On the way out of our Safari, I asked to fly the ‘little plane’ which was a 4-seat, twin prop plane. It was a wild ride for me since I don’t do really well on airplanes anyway. The pilots took us around the falls in two tightening circles, the final part almost completely vertical.

  • Uganda Safari

    This is part one of the Murcheson Falls adventure. In this video you’ll see the second set of falls, or left set, or whatever it was called. Sorry, I can’t remember. Our lovely river guide dropped us off at the side of the Nile river on a tiny path and instructed is to ‘start walking’.…